Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cowl For Christmas

Last year you might remember that I knit nine H20 hats for my great Christmas give-away.  This year I decided the give-away would be cowls.  Back from the north, with a grand daughter in tow and limited knitting time, it was a perfect opportunity  to start cowl number one.

Knit with one ball of Riot by King Cole, a chunky weight, 70/30,  acrylic/wool blend, with 134 metres, it is a design of my own making.  I cast on 125 stitches, working both the  cast on then 3 rows of K1 P1 ribbing with a 8 mm circular needle. 

After the ribbing, I switched to a  6.5 mm needle and worked a sequence of 5 rows of knitting, 5 rows of purling like so:  Knit 5 rows, Purl 5 rows, Knit 5 rows, Purl 5 rows, Knit 5 rows.

Following that, I  reverted to the 8 mm needle and finished with three rows of K1 P1 ribbing before casting off.

Earliest start to Christmas - Ever!

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