Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Special Party

Last weekend, it was great fun to head to my hometown for a special party.  My nephew

is headed to South Korea to teach for two years and his Mom, my sister,  hosted a going away party for him.

My sister has raised three, great, young people.  One of her parenting mantras has always been
"I pay for one degree and one body part."
If they needed/wanted  laser treatment on their eyes, there would be no braces.  Or vice versa.  Likewise, after 4 years of university, any further education was the kids financial responsibility.

My nephew graduated this spring from the University of Waterloo but would like to obtain his MBA.  A two-year, costly programme.  To finance this second degree, he decided to head off to South Korea to teach English.  To live cheaply and save his money.  The only potential  hitch in his Mother's plan to teach him financial responsibility could be  the threat that a good looking, 23 year old man might catch the eye of a lovely South Korean lady.  Sis has threatened him about falling in love and putting down Korean roots.

The party was lovely and it was a special surprise to meet a blog reader there.  Meet Jane. 

My sister's long-ago  babysitter and an avid blog reader.  What a nice surprise.    Thanks for reading, Jane.

And if you are interested in the happenings of South Korea's newest English teacher, nephew has decided - at his Mother's insistence - to write a blog.
 You can read him here.


Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you in person but I feel like I already know you, Brenda. I think I am a Thursday knit group wannabe. I know I could learn new things and find some interesting patterns. Keep the blog rolling.


Sel and Poivre said...

I know a bunch of kids your nephew's age who have done the Teach English in Korea thing. There are so many doing it from all over the world my sense is they have as much chance of meeting and falling in love with an American or Brit or even someone else from Ontario as a Korean.

Drew Watts said...

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