Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The travelled have returned.  Sharon R back from Paris and Doreen back from Trinidad & Tobago both had things to show us from their travels.

Doreen's  show and tell had nothing to do with knitting,  but sure is fun.  Look at her hair.
Doreen, whose next major birthday starts with a 9 is the most young at heart woman I know.  You look great, Doreen and your hair makes me smile.

Sharon R brought home yarn. 

 Mohair and silk from the   'most famous yarn store' in Paris. I'll take her word for it, as I've never been.
Even the shopping was an experience, she said.  Line up to point to the hank of your chosen colour hanging on  the wall.  Wait while a clerk winds off the amount you want,  then line up to pay.  Wouldn't the yarn stores here like such line ups?

Our other Sharon was busy this week with her loom.  Isn't this gorgeous? 

 Woven with two different variegated shades of Patons Lace. Even the fringe is exceptional.

Jean  brought in her newly finished Swallowtail for 'Show & Ask', not Tell.  

Is it too small," she asked?  "Will it keep me warm in the air conditioned hall, when I attend the conference?"  The answers were mixed.  Some said no.  Some thought yes.  It is Alpaca after all, so maybe.  Nice work, despite the size, Jean.

Wilma spent the morning finishing her latest summer 'tee' and wore it to Knit Group this afternoon to compliments galore.

  Nice colours. Nice fit.  Nice work.  

Knitters make great, armchair travellers.  We have something to busy our hands while we listen to
the stories of  those who have returned form far away places.  Great fun.

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Anonymous said...

Love Doreen's new hairstyle..she looks so much younger with the new look! I like! Wilma's tee is lovely..nice colors.Wish I could be there!