Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TA DA !!

I did it.  I did it. I did it.  Yea!!!
Well, truth be told, Sigrun did it.  Without her it I would have dropped the Dew Drop and chosen a simpler lace pattern for these sleeves.  Truth be told a second time, I didn't accomplish perfection the first time through -even with Sigrun's chart.

In my normal way of doing things - that is quickly without paying much notice -  I mis-read the chart.  It never occurred to me that the first row on the chart would start from the left hand side and read to the right.  Of course, Sigrun had clearly marked it that way.  Row 1 was noted on the left, Row 2 on the right.  I missed that.

My knitting, as a result, went off at an angle.

 Can you see the groups of knit stitches have jumped aisles?

 I emailed Sigrun again - I do believe our emails back and forth numbered well into the double digits.  She pointed out the error of my ways and Sleeve one was knit in one evening.
Gosh, that was easy!


Sigrun said...

Congratulations. I love to use charts and pictures, and tables, and checklists....whatever it takes.

Sigrun said...

And we'll blame it on the fact that the chart was in two parts, so the relationship between the two sides wasn't obvious. Works for me☺

Anonymous said...

it will look so cute and summery! Bravo!t_a

Needles said...

sigrun is many time a genius. I am so glad I met her. Meeting people was a bonus that remains from my time at the yarn store.