Monday, June 15, 2015

I've Got Friends In Right Places

With apologies to Garth Brooks and his friends in 'low places', I have friends  in all the right places. 

Friday, I posted about my troubles trying to knit the Dew Drop Lace Pattern for the sleeves on my Cotton Concerto.  Shortly after the post went live, I heard from a commenter.  I think her initials might be TA, but since her comments arrive in the anonymous , no reply, category, I'm not sure.  Anyway, this friend told me of the errata page for my pattern.  (Oh yea, Brenda, remember those?)  There, I found that my copy of the pattern was missing a Yarn Over in Row 8.  Thanks, Anonymous.

Shortly after that comment arrived I received one from Sigrun of To Swatch Or Not To Swatch. Sigrun and I have been mutual blog readers for some time now and I've learned that she is a multi-talented craft person and a prodigious worker.  Sigrun's email said If you could send me the sleeve instructions, I'd be happy to chart it for you.  

Wow, imagine that!  And again  (Oh yea, Brenda, remember charts?) 

Sigrun went on to offer other helpful suggestions.  A link to a previously, unknown-to-me  site  called The Weekly Stitch.    This site offered a weekly posting wherein the author worked a different knit stitch each week and posted a You Tube of her doing the knitting. I watched her do the Dew Drop Lace - and 'gosh it seems really easy.'  The site is sadly discontinued, but still a great one to bookmark as it is a wealth of information. 

Then Sigrun, in her kind way,  asked if I had done a gauge swatch of the lace before starting the pattern.  Which I think was her way of saying - I can tell for sure you didn't practise this week, Brenda.  And she would be right.  Truth be told, if I had done a practise run of this  lace stitch I would have burned the pattern.

With all this friendly advice, I began to wonder if I should wait for Sigrun's chart or try the lace again.  Since she had mentioned that she was in the middle of altering several black! bridesmaids dresses, I figured I  might wait a few days for the chart.  I barely had time to say 'Eeny, meeny, miny mo' when her return email  - with a chart - was in my box.  Holy doodle!  What genius!  I have asked Sigrun and she has given me the OK to give you both her blog address as well as her ravelry site.
I am sure if you contacted her via either of these sites, she would be glad to share her charts with you.

 Yesterday was taken up with non-knitting activities.  Today, I'll test the chart.  If it works, great.  If it doesn't, I'll try Garth's remedy of   "Whiskey drowns and the beer chases"   But whether it works or not doesn't really matter.  Imagine having such a friend.

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Sigrun said...

Thanks for the Kudos, Brenda. I can't resist a knitting challenge.