Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Today was a big 'show and tell' day at knit group.  We had all been given strict instructions by Sandy to bring our Knitters Fair purchases to show her.  Sandy, one of our most enthusiastic fair go-ers was not able to attend this year.   Sandy's daughter is having a baby - any day now.  Sandy's son-in-law works in Fort McMurray.  Sandy then, is on call  to take Mom to the hospital.  Which meant  Sandy had to miss the Fair.

Beyond all those purchases, there were knits to show.  Sharon R wore her first-ever sweater to show us.  Well done, Sharon. Great seams, great knitting, great fit.  Not many knitters could lay claim to such an expert knit for their first sweater.  

Sharon showed off the beginnings of her shawl.  Called Bling and purchased last Saturday, she is getting  ready to gift it for an early Christmas with ???  -   better not say as you never know who reads this.

Wilma showed us a cute little sweater. A Cabin Fever design she knit to use up stash.  

Carol is working with a great variety of yarns.  

Knitting first one, then another.  What is she knitting?  A 'Three Scarf Sweater' she says.  More than that she wouldn't say  I couldn't find it on google or ravelry so can't wait to see yours, Carol.

Look what Sandy is thinking of knitting.
That's our Sandy.  

She also showed us a pattern for a great cowl. Called the Chunky Circular Scarf on ravery, it uses 5 strands of DK weight yarn, held together. Now isn't that a stash buster.   We think we'll do  a KAL for the cowl,  before  Christmas. 

Lots of projects, lots of colour, lots of inspiration.  Another great knitting day.


Sel and Poivre said...

Wow that is a fabulous job on a first sweater!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Sharon R! Way to go gal!