Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Summer has finally arrived in Meaford.  30' temps today with a feel-like temp of 36'.  Too bad its September.  And good thing the library has AC in our meeting room.

Sharon proudly showed off her first-ever lace project. This pattern is Pretty Basic by Janina Kallio  

Sharon is a knitter who barely knew needles from yarn a year ago. This is beautiful, Sharon.   The colour gorgeous. 

Sharon learned another new skill today.  This is her first time using a swift.

Sandy B is going to be a Grandma again.  Any day now.  And what grand child of Sandy's would be happy without a mitred square blanket? 

This one knit with many  shades of lilac  - just like the nursery. (  I wonder  which knitter supplied all that lilac yarn?)  Sandy calls this her mindless knitting.  Pure genius, I say.

Despite it seeming like mid summer and despite it only being September, Sharon and Jean are working hard on the teeny, tiny knits for the Christmas tree display at their annual spinners and weavers sale. 

Look at that level of concentration.  Remember this is the spinners and weavers Guild they are working for.  SO - all yarns are hand spun.

Here's Jean with a little mitten.

 to go with all these other little mittens.
 Off to the left you see the matching scarf.

 That would be scarf with cable.  Hand knit.  Hand spun.  Teeny Tiny.  

Then look at this little sweater. With that great stitch pattern centre front.  Hand knit.  Hand spun.  Teeny Tiny.
I would need new glasses  - or new eyes - to do this work. 

Too hot to garden.  Must be knitting weather!  At least, one would think so by seeing all these wonderful pieces.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Too hot to garden is right! That wee sweater is unbelievable!