Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

I would say weird and wonderful things were shown at knit group today except that would be wrong.  They were not weird.  At all.  But beautiful. 

Sandy arrived with a finished outfit for the new grand daughter to be born within the next two weeks.
All pink and cute.  That ultra sound better be right, Sandy said.  Sandy has the best suggestion for knitted baby garments.  Buy  matching pieces to complete the outfit.  She says the Mom is much more likely to put the hand knit pieces on the baby if there are bottoms to match.  Great idea sandy.

Nicki, who we haven't seen much this summer, came to knitting with a crocheted piece she started a long time ago.  Decades ago she said.  Crocheted with gossamer thin thread and  very small needle.  Take a look.

This is the type of work, I would never even think about doing.  Well done, Nicki.

Sandy's sister Sue, bag lady Sue as we call her, has discovered a source of great knitting bags - Graces Cases -  and had one made for Sandy.  You give your wants/needs to the seamstress, choose your colours and she creates a fantastic, one of a kind bag. 
 Pinks for Sandy.

 Grooves for needles and pockets, pockets, pockets.  All these things zipper out so you can carry them separately if you want.  'Silly expensive' for a knitting bag, said Sandy.  Not considering the detailed work.

And the excited talk today was of the Knitters Christmas  Fair in Kitchener this Saturday.  Two cars of us head down this year.  Before I came home I went to the bank.  Got my cash, got my list.  I'm ready.



Sandra said...

Enjoy Kitchener - I'm curious to get your opinion of how they do this year! It will be my first miss in a while!

Anonymous said...

Gina C.

Hi Brenda! I had a family event on and missed yesterday too - can't wait to see what treasures you brought home!