Thursday, July 24, 2014

More News From The North

Fred is having a harder time being away from his Blue Jays this year so today we are at son Charlie ' s to watch the game.  It gives me some Wifi time to catch up on emails and post on the blog.
Fred wants the world to know that he caught a ten pound fish. This is a pike. Not the prettiest fish in the world but good eating nonetheless. We had to share with our trailer neighbours -or face fish for several dinners in a row.

Another fun thing at the trailer park recently was a visit from the Tin Can Tourists. They own vintage trailers and have fun travelling Ontario to show off their 'tin'.
These silver trailers are  a brand called Air Stream. Made with aluminum and despite missing many of today's trailers ' modern amenities, they are

nonetheless well-loved by their owners.
 A reader emailed to say that the cyber world has implanted an 'ad' in my verification box making it impossible to comment. I have no answer as to why that might be so my apologies to those of you who might have your commenting attempts thwarted.
Happy holidays everyone.


Sel and Poivre said...

Oh I love the Airstreams too!

Vera said...

Have an ad here too but I used the voice captcha.
Congratulation to the fisherman...Well done!