Saturday, August 2, 2014

Move Nuggets From The North.

Dismal would be a good word to describe the weather this last week. Daily highs of 14 or so with grey skies and days of drizzly rain.

And what are rainy trailer days good for? Besides movies and card games with Grandkids? Knitting of course.
I finished a pair of socks.

Started from stash yarn then in hibernation for awhile as the stash ran out. Luckily, a good friend has similar taste in sock yarn and gave me a ball. Now complete, they are great socks. Kroy FX yarn  and 2.50mm needles. 2 X2 ribbing that I morphed into a 7x1 pattern all down the leg and foot.
I like them a lot. My colours of course. 
Having finished these socks, I'm into another sock yarn project. A scarfette. An easy simple knit I hope to have finished before my next Wifi day. In the meantime Happy Knitting All.

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Vera said...

Wish I could send you some of our heat!!! I am so sick of it!!! Wish it was October...but don't quote me on that when October is here :-)