Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ladies With Dough

My Wednesday knitting group - the ladies I refer to as the Ladies with Balls- today were instead The ladies With Dough. One of the knitters had baked an apple pie for us a few weeks ago and one of the non bakers in the group asked  "Can you teach me how to make a pie like this?"

From there it was decided that we should exchange one of our knitting days for a pie baking day.  Today was the day.

One knitter supplied two bushels of apples from her husband's orchard  or more precisely,  this time of year from the cold storage.  Two ladies peeled all those apples and the rest of us made pies.  11 in all, I counted.  A pan of apple crisp was baked because we needed something to eat after all that hard work.  
A fun day and a freezer full of pies. What could be better?


Needles said...

My mom and sisters have done this with apples from the tree in my brothers yard. It looks like a fun way to get a job done!

Deb @ cabinfever said...

What a great idea. The pies look fantastic ladies. What talent, knitting and pie making.