Monday, June 2, 2014

Knitting and Friends

Years ago - in the old days one might say - I met a knitter online.  It was so long ago that facebook was not yet invented and the common online way of interacting with others was through newgroups. I was new to my personal computer and loved my newsgroup for knitters and crocheters.  One day while wasting  investing time with my online activities I read a posting by a lady looking for knitting frends. She gave her age - same as mine, and where she lived - within an hour of my  home.  I thought 'how wrong can I go by contacting a female knitter of my own age?'  And so a knitterly friendship was born and has flourished over these last 15 +years.  The bonus was that my new friend already had a long- time knitting friend,  so right away we became the knitting trio.

We see each other less frequently now that Fred and I live three hours away, but we still get together a few times each year.  Saturday  was our day.   We met for lunch at Harrison Park Inn in Owen Sound.  A most picturesque setting for any outdoor activity you can imagine with the bonus of  a lovely restaurant right in the middle of the park.  After lunch of course, we headed to Riverside Yarns where the ladies dropped some cash.

Then back to my house for show & tell,


pattern browsing
and general fibre-related discussions.

One of the ladies is widowed and there are always some hilarious stories about her latest, dating-as-a-senior  experiences.  Then too, as we age we each seem to have had some very funny doctors' appointments.  My contribution to those stories was about a stress test I had last fall.  During the test, as I hopefully hoofed my way to healthy, on the treamill the doctor said to me "You remind me of my horse."  I hooted with laughter, as did the nurse and technician. I was about to ask him if he was referring to my rear flank but he quickly modified his comment saying he was referring to me being a good pacer.  It's been my hilarious story of the last few months.

We had a great day as only knitters who are friends or friends who are knitters can.  Any time I have to take off my glasses because they are steaming up from laughter is a good day.  Thanks guys.  See you in a few months.



Jane @ Handiworking said...

What a wonderful visit ... you are lucky to have each other to knit, shop and hang out with!

Your doctor/horse story had me laughing and reminded me of one about my oldest daughter who is now in her late 30s. She had ADHD and never stopped moving as a little girl. Once, when she was around 3, we were visiting some older folks and she was darting around as usual, chattering and touching everything. The man watched her for a while, then looked at me and said, "She's like horse sh*t ... she's everywhere!" Still makes me laugh!

Have a wonderful week!

Sel and Poivre said...

Yes but did you wear your new lacy tee?

Brendaknits said...

LOL. A great story Jane.