Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blown Away,

Finally I have joined the realm of the truly connected. This morning I purchased a tablet.

Despite only an hour of use under my belt I am nonetheless blown away. Much more so than when I purchased my first cell phone. I wanted a device that was good for travelling, so one of my main priorities was that it fit in my purse. And of course that I be to
able  to blog easily with it. So far so good. In a couple of days time I will see son#2 and get him to show me the finer points.

This summer we have lots of away from home time and I wanted a light weight very portable device that would let me blog, email  and surf the net without needing a magnifying  glass or ruin my eyesight. I think I found it in this little non-apple tablet. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I remember the time when I said I would never get a wireless phone, an answering machine, a mobile,a microwave,a pc, and a laptop. I got 'em all.
Now I am saying I will NEVER get a Tablet, a Smart Phone(still have a flipphone),electric windows for my next Toyota(yeh, I still have hand crank ones on my 2001 Corolla), and I KNOW I will give in by the end of the year.
We got to keep up,gal!LOL

Sel and Poivre said...

I am starting my third summer on the road with a tablet - best thing ever. I don't carry a cell phone, can't stand a GPS in the car but the tablet is a fantastic device! Last week, standing in a yarn store I can get any piece of information right from my Ravelry page, or Knitty or wherever! Enjoy! I'm sure you will!