Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Those of you who missed our WWKIP day last Thursday, check out this week's edition of the local paper.  The library ladies took our picture and wrote a lovely little article/advertisement about us.

This week, we were minus the goodies, and back in our normal digs, but having just as much fun.

Ingrid arrived wearing a very ethnic dress sent to her by her son in Germany.
My gosh, Ingrid.  If one of my sons ever gave me a dress, I'd faint.  After last Thursday's post, an anonymous commenter asked what yarn Ingrid favours.  Koigu is her go-to brand but the piece she was working on last Thursday was a section of a skirt and she was using sock yarn.  Four, 100 gram balls for her skirt.

Wilma is heading towards the finish line on her crocheted, knitted sweater.  What would one call that?  Cro-knitting?  The top portion is knit and the bottom is crocheted.  It is a lovely way to edge a garment.  Wilma's piece with the bottom half in the open crochet, will be perfect for layering.

Nan had lots of show & tell today.  First up the socks.
 All knit with leftover Koigu.  Didn't she do a great job in co-ordinating the colours?  Then her real works of art  -  two Stonnington Shawls.
 The pinkish one was knit with Madeleinetosh, and the blue one with Koigu. (ETA - Nan emailed to say the blue  shawl is knit with Tanis Fibre Arts yarn, not Koigu. Thanks, Nan.)  She said after mastering EZ's instructions, the second one took half as long as the first one.  Gorgeous, Nan.

Jean was wearing yet another, great, summer top.
 Knit a long time ago, Jean said, with pink - ish cotton,  it will be another great layering piece for her Yukon camping trip.  She leaves next week  and will be gone most of the summer.  Have fun, Jean.

There were so many sock knitters at knit group today, the uninitiated might have thought it was a convention.  Bonnie, Gail, Nicki - all knitting socks.  There will be warm feet in Meaford next winter.

We missed Sharon today. She went down to the big smoke to hear Hillary Clinton speak. I am sure Sharon  enjoyed the speech, but really all most of us want to know is - 'Has she done anything with her hair?'  Come on Hillary - it's not your best look.

Another great afternoon of knitting.   Shawls, socks and sweaters. Productivity abounds.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to these Thursday Group reports and photos..I feel like I am there knitting and chatting away right there at the table with you gals.