Wednesday, June 19, 2013

An Ineffective Match

What happens when you pair  a knitter with mediocre, machine knitting skills together with inexpensive, acrylic yarn?  Not something that can be gifted, that's for sure.

Bare with me on the details here.  This blanket is knit by casting on  enough stitches to give the desired, blanket dimension.  After knitting two, edge rows, every following  row is short rowed, then 'long' rowed back.   ' Bring one needle out of work, knit two rows.  Repeat until all needles are out of work.  Then repeat the process in reverse until all needles are back in work.'  This knits one quarter of the blanket.   

The problem is -   well, take a look. 

From  a distance,   it looks acceptable.  But up close ? 
Either the knitter or the yarn has issues. Or both. Either way, the rows of holes  are not nice enough for a gift.  Laurie M suggested I thread a ribbon through them.  While a good idea, I am not sure they are even good enough for that decorative solution.

Now, the question is, do I re-knit?  Having already knit it one and a half times, am I still interested?  Or  should I as  son #2 often advises,  "Cut your losses, Mom." 

The thing about 'cheap' yarn is  -   it often isn't.  While not a fortune, enough was spent to make this fixed-income senior seek forgiveness for the idea  of throwing it in the garbage. But seeing how poorly it knits and feels to the hand, do I want to spend more time with it?  Probably not.    Do I want to knit a gazillion baby sweaters, hats and booties with el-cheapo yarn just to satisfy  my banker?  Probably not. 

Think I'll think on it for another day.


Sel and Poivre said...

Could you crochet a chain over the holes?

Sandra said...

I like the idea of a crochet line down the holes - not sure what else could be done. I get what you're saying about the yarn choice - sometimes it doesn't always work out... the colours are fabulous, though!

LaurieM said...

Actually, I was thinking if sewing a ribbon on top of the seam. It would stabalize at the same time, but I imagine it would be almost as difficult as the original knit.

I wish I had thought of the threading idea.

Debbie said...

Take it to knit group. Those ladies will have some ideas.