Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ready To Wear - Tomorrow

Tink's Twirly Skirt is finished! 
I had said earlier that there were many many stitches in the final tier.  But just how many I didn't  realize until cast-off time.  Wow!  Lots of stitches at the hem.

But they are cast off now, and Twirly is on the blocking board.  Both top and bottom have limited ribbing - the bottom only one row, the top a couple more.  On the needles, they both curl like crazy so I am hoping the severe steaming will stop that.

The pattern calls for an I Cord tie.  Instead - and in a hurry to have it ready for tomorrow - I  have some twill tape that I will substitute.  A flatter cord across my belly seems a better idea anyway. I also intend to sew in some elastic - just to make sure the waist stays at the waist.

Modelled pictures  from WWKIP day by Friday. 


Sel and Poivre said...

How did you get the blue to only appear in alternating sections?

Needles said...

Its lovely. I can't wait to see modeled shots!

Sigrun said...

Can't wait to see it "on person".