Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thinking Green

If I think green, and knit green, it might make spring  come  finally,  to my neck of the woods.  It sure couldn't hurt.  The lingering, winter weather is the talk  of the town - and nothing favourable is being said.

I am doing my green part.  First my travelling sock.
One finished and the second one started.  Of course travelling is done for awhile, so these might not be spring 2013 socks.

Also green and on the working needles now is a version of Mothed

It is a slightly different Mothed from what the pattern describes.  It's not the same yarn.  It's not the same gauge. It's not the same neck trim.   There will not be  flared sleeves and I am diverting from the pattern to  put the 'mothy' holes over the entire sweater, not just the sleeves.  Not withstanding those exceptions, I am calling it  Mothed -   My Modified Mothed.   Being knit  in green Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine  that I salvaged from a disappointing and frustrating attempt at the  Geodesic cardigan.  If spring depended on me finishing Geodesic, we would have another ice age.  Mothed on the other hand, is going fine.

Thinking green, knitting green - probably why the sun came out this afternoon. 

1 comment:

Sandra said...

How about Mythed? Or is that too close to Mythbusters?

Whatever you call it, bet it will be gorgeous...