Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BC Is All About The Food

B.C. with all it's waterways offers some delicious, much fresher and cheaper than at home,  seafood. 

Yesterday's lunch was Fish & Chips Sushi.  Locally caught, Prawn Sushi with teeny, tiny sweet potato fries on top.  Can't beat that.

Dinner was crab purchased at the seafood shack by the side of the bay, just up the road from our friend's home.  Can't beat that either.

In between, was some yarn shopping.  In Nanaimo's 'Old Quarter' is Mad About Ewe. 

No yarn purchased here.  Nothing that I couldn't buy at home and not very friendly service. 

Another great B.C. day.  And by bed time last night, Canada's curling team  was 5 - 0.  The only team so far to have won all their games.  Our tickets start Friday morning and carry on through the weekend.  Go Canada.


Sandra said...

yum! Nothing better than fresh and lacally caught.
I'll be looking for you on the weekend - Go Canada is right!

Jan said...

Oh yum that seafood sounds awesome. I can never understand unfriendly service in a yarn shop.

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Yummy. Nothing like seafood that jumps out of the ocean and onto your plate. I bet it's warm there too.