Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Last knit group of 2012.  Where did that time go?  By all appearances, I am the only knitter of the group with yet unfinished Christmas gifts to knit. 

Carol finished this wonderful tunic for her daughter. 
 Knit with King Cole Riot, it is a fun and very  current piece that will look great with leotards.

Wilma gave up on the lace tam she was ripping last week (it was one of those lace patterns that has a different stitch count on every row in the repeat.  A bit much to try to knit during the pre-Christmas rush.)   Instead she knit these.
 A hat and mittens combo she will gift to her daughter.  Knit in a fancy,  acrylic for the laundry- challenged offspring, they  look lovely. 

Sharon's knitting life has been filled with felting, she said.  This was the only piece that was dry enough to bring to knitting today. 
So cute!  This is the Felted Gift Bag from  One Skein Wonders.

 Next door to our knitting room at the library there was a young girl sewing.  Apparently - in their spare time, I'm sure - the librarians run a 'crafts' club for kids.  This term the topic was sewing.  Here is a 13 year old with her first sewing project.  This, I think,  is called a rag quilt.  The seams are left on the outside and the quilt is washed before use to fluff up the unfinished edges.  First project!  Very impressive.


Several at knit group today, including Gail who left a sick husband,  had left sick loved ones at home.  Part way through the afternoon, Gail got chilled.  Wanting to stay as healthy as possible so as not to catch  whatever might be ailing her hubby, she wrapped up in her scarf and mitts.  Thank goodness for hand knits!
Hard to knit that way, though, Gail.

Jean was sporting a great curly scarf. 

A 'teach myself to crochet' project she said.  I'd say you are a quick study, Jean.  Beginning with a chain, she kept increasing the number of stitches, changed colours a couple of times and even added a bit of sparkle to the outside edge.  Very nice.

With the library closed next Thursday, it will be 2013 when knit group reconvenes.  I wonder what wonders - one skein or otherwise -  we will see then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda - hope your father continues to get better and that you and your family have a lovely Christmas with him!

Merry wishes to all the Meaford knitters!


Needles said...

May all of the Knit group have a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

LynS said...

I love reading about your knit group and its productivity. When you reconvene in 2013 please pass on my very best wishes for a similarly productive new year.

Christy J said...

Re my little fox scarf: