Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Word must be spreading about the fun we have on Thursday afternoons in the upper room of the Meaford library because today there were so many knitters we needed two rows of chairs around the table.  Just like in Church, some knitters  headed for the back pew row of chairs.

Sharon, wearing her Shalom,  finished her Noro Mistake Rib scarf.  The colours are glorious - especially great against her new, red coat  -  
 which you will just have to imagine as I didn't capture the coat in the photo.

Nicki again is up to her teaching tricks.  Here she shows 'newby' Pat how to drop spindle spin.

Gail has one Christmas gift finished and stroked off her to-knit list.  This pair of socks, displayed so nicely against Carol's bright red coat.   
Honkin' big socks I said. 

Doreen arrived wearing her latest scarf.  The scarf colours look great with the coat.
 "Yes, that's why I bought this yarn" said Doreen.  Of course.

Newby Pat showed off her ear-warmers, knit with a front-peak opening  to accommodate a baseball cap.

 Ingenious, n'est-ce pas?

Nell is most definitely our crochet queen.  I have wrapped her in one of her colourful lap rugs and she is working on another. 
The latest one looks like the American Flag I thought.

A nice picture of Nicki with her cabled hat - especially for her Mom in B.C.  Merry Christmas Vera 

A few weeks ago at Knit  Group, Gloria gave away some no-longer-loved yarn.  Sharon took home a bag of 'rail-road' yarn and brought it back today - all knit up into a beautiful scarf for Gloria. 
 That's Christmas spirit, knitter style, I'd say.

Carol's daughter is the lucky girl who will get this hand knit tunic.  Perfect topper for leotards.
 If that is for December 25th, Carol, there won't be much sleep at your house.

Lots of fun, laughter and chatter today.  Oh - and knitting too.


Vera said...

Thanks for the picture Brenda, that was nice of you. A Merry Christmas to you.

Sel and Poivre said...

I can't even look at that Shalom without thinking of yours! :(