Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Is it the yarn, or the knitters  that  can brighten a dull, fall day?   Both I think.  But regardless of which it is, the result is inspirational and fun.

Jean, today, was wearing an entrelac vest she knit  with her own hand spun. 
Such talent.  It brightens my day just to be in the room with her.

Ingrid  -of course! -  is knitting a skirt.
 That little piece of Koigu fabric in her hands is the start of another skirt.  "A girl can never have too many skirts" she said.   "Or shoes", I'd say.   The scarf she is wearing is a lovely little mohair piece with diagonal ends that Ingrid fastened off with one glorious bead.  I will definitely copy that idea, Ingrid.

Nicki, we decided should have been a teacher.
She has a gentle patient manner when explaining a new technique as she is doing here.  Ruth wanted to learn the long-tail cast on.

Carol is back from the first half of her Florida winter, wearing a gorgeous, fuzzy, pink cowl. 
Must be for her Canadian Christmas not her Florida winter.   The colour suits you well, Carol.

Outside, the sky was overcast and the sun didn't shine.  But at knit group, there is no such thing as a dull day.

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