Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Felted Slippers

Having paid  full price for my Knitscene magazine a few weeks back, I hoped to lower the cost per pattern  by making additional things from the issue.    After knitting my Lucy From Galway Hat, I intended to knit my second item,   The Friday Slippers. 

Appropriately enough, I started the slippers  on Friday night.  Started again. And again.  And yet a fourth time before deciding I must be way too tired or need new glasses.

Saturday saw another attempt.  And another and   another and a few more.   Finally,  I was achieving a modicum of success.  Then I turned the page.  Yet another entire page of instructions.  Most of them short rows - the source of the frustration for my first 8 or 10 attempts.  So I asked myself.
"Brenda, do you really need this amount of Friday stress?"

 Good question.  Obviously the Friday Slippers, for me, were going to be 'A Week From Friday Slippers' or  more likely,  'The Last Friday Of Next Month  Slippers'.
By the time I got comfortable with the  pattern I could  knit multiples of my slipper favourites - Duffers

And that is just what I did .  No Friday Slippers for me.  Instead I shopped the stash
 This yarn,  acquired in some long-forgotten yarn swap and  just aching to be used, is 100% wool packaged in 23g !! balls.

My complete stash of 4 balls, along with a bit of contrast yarn,  knit  2 pair of Duffers.
The pair on the right were knit  with a single strand of yarn, the other pair with a double strand.  Above,  you see them before  felting.

Below,  freshly felted.

Definitely, a Friday night knit.  Easy, quick, stress free.  Just what Friday nights were meant to be.


Sandra said...

good to know. I f I want slippers, I will knit duffers, not the Friday ones...

Sel and Poivre said...

And how fabulous does it feel to use that long ago acquired yarn too?

Vera said...

I made several pairs of the 19 row slippers but have given it up. I only have a front load washer and quilting is just not right in there. I tried using the dryer as well but the slippers never come out as nice. I never liked this washer :-(
PS. Sorry this is my last comment as long as the word verification is active. Too hard to do :-()

Yarn and Ivories said...

Duffers for me, too!

Deb @ cabinfever said...

They're really cute slippers.

Anonymous said...

Good decision to leave that Friday pattern alone! You sure had a lot more patience with it than i would have. Amazing transition from raw to felted Duffer slippers - they look really cosy!


p.s. Vera is right, that is one p.i.a. verification check!

Brendaknits said...
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