Friday, November 23, 2012

R. A. P. Day

It is my turn to pay it forward.  My   R.A.P. Day.  Random Act of Pattern Day.
From the comments left on the blog regarding the For Good Hat, Fred has chosen one name.

The winner is    - drum roll please -  Jan.

The draw was legitimate  as Fred did the draw, but it so happens,  I know Jan.  Met her in Peterborough at Needles In The Hay where we took the Duct Tape Diva class.

Jan, I know your ravelry moniker so next week - no time right now as we are off in minutes for a family weekend - I   will be gifting you with the For  Good Hat pattern. 

Thanks everyone for the comments and thanks, Megan for the great pattern.  Pics next week

1 comment:

Jan said...

Yippee! Doing a little happy dance. Thank you so much.