Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursdays Are for Knit Group

Today in our area, we ran the weather gamut from wind, rain, a bit of snow and cool, cool temperatures.  No wonder we knit.  It keeps us sane.

Well, some of us are sane.  Doreen showed us a scarf she knit for her Church bazaar.  The yarn was given to her by a Church friend.  6 balls of yarn to be exact.  One scarf  per ball.

Only 5 more to go, Doreen.

Nell who we haven't seen in quite some time, came today.  She is crocheting lovely pink and white strips for a baby blanket.

She said to me   "I am going to have another great, grand child.  I don't know why  - I have so many already."  Well, Nell, I guess you forgot to tell the younger couple that you had enough.  Anyway, the blanket will be lovely.

Gail arrived today wearing one of last summer's knits.

A gorgeous scarf.  Beaded by hand all around the edge.

Ingrid arrived wearing a gorgeous piece.  Knit long ago she said.
The sleeves are knit on the diagonal and the original intent was for an entirely different style of garment.  When that didn't work out, Ingrid converted the piece to a shrug then kicked it up a notch with the extreme double ruffle.  Beautiful, Ingrid.

I have  had other picture to show you, including one of Sandy B's cute 3 year old grandson that joined us for knitting time with a favourite movie on his personal, mini, movie screen and several baggies of snacks packed by nanny.  But,  Blogger is in a bad mood.  I've been very patient, trying last night and twice this morning to upload more pictures, but that feature is on strike, I guess.   I've managed  only this few, but am calling it quits.  I am sending Blogger to it's room with admonition to rejoin society once it has decided to behave.  Let's see if that works.

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