Monday, April 29, 2013

Frolic 2013

Saturday was the annual Knitters Frolic  in Toronto.  As with  September's  Knitters Fair in Kitchener, this event is  the work of the local Knitters' Guild.  Toronto's  Downtown Knit Collective is the group behind the Frolic and by the crowds in the hall, I would say 2013 was another successful year for their Frolic.

I took with me, four knitters that I meet with weekly to coach through their knitting issues. Is it not my duty to introduce new knitters to such events?  Pay it forward, so to speak.    Over and over I heard them saying things like  'Overwhelming.  WOW!   I would have never  imagined...    Such fun to take the uninitiated to a show like the Frolic.

We shopped together but I managed to acquire only these few items  - two new shawl patterns by Cabin Fever  and a ball of Cotton Tweed for a baby sweater -

before it was time to leave my 'students'  to meet up with some blogger friends.  

Marie, Sandra and her blogless friend Susan.  We chatted non-stop for an hour, before I had to call an end to the fun for fear my group might think I had abandoned them.

Knitters are not known for an early quit, so on the way home from Toronto, we stopped at True North Yarns in Barrie and there I scooped another deal on their 25% off sale.

 This is Raffaella by Sirdar.  A cotton/acrylic blend that I will use to knit another Cinnie.
I loved knitting and wearing last year's green Cinnie
and decided  it made sense to knit another in a more neutral colour.

I came home tired, happy to have gone to another Frolic, happy to seen some blogger friends, happy to have introduced another group of knitters to a great knitting event and - with only minimal  purchases - still money in my pocket.  Great day, I'd say.


Lucky Canuck said...

Hi Brenda! It was a pleasure to meet you and oh, we all could have just talked for hours, couldn't we?

Hoping to see you and Marie in Kitchener!


Sel and Poivre said...

Hey I didn't know Susan was "Lucky Canuck"! I could have peppered her with questions too! Fun to see everyone - thanks for organizing it Brenda!

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Sorry to have missed you Brenda.