Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursdays Are For knit Group

I entered the library on an 8' spring day and came out to 25' summer heat and humidity.  Yet by Saturday it is supposed to be 0'.  While the weather might be inconsistent, we can depend on the knitting.

Sandy B with her Florida stock of Linen yarns

 is creating this wonderful piece.

Something I could never wear, but it will look great on Sandy.

Remember the cutest-ever kid's sock, Carol was working on last week?  Number one is finished.

Cute Cute Cute.  In the end, she says she changed her cuff to 48 stitches increasing to  66 stitiches when she started the sock itself.

For Doreen's children who like to see her smile.  Doreen has waited all winter for our mitred-square expert, Sandy B, to return from Florida to help her with her scarf.
You are a patient woman, Doreen.

Bonnie's approval rating for her knitting projects is certainly no secret.  First puzzles then smiles.  From "Is this sock too long?"

to - "It looks just right  -   for someone with a longer foot."

Deanna is almost finished her poncho.


That is one heck of a lot of stockinet, Deanna.  A perfect project for the machine,which is how I would knit it,  but Deanna's is entirely hand knit.

Remember this lovely cardigan Gail was working on last week?

It is finished, gorgeous and luckily fits me!  Too bad Gail's grand daughter knows it is coming her way. 

Gail took votes on the buttons.  I prefer the blue. 

Another great afternoon of knitting with a  "Hi guys" message arriving on Wilma's new iPad  from Sharon who is in England for 3 weeks.  Bet she misses us.  Even with our weird weather.

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