Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursdays Are For knit Group

The knitting revealed  at knit group's  'show & tell' today  was amazing.  Starting with Ingrid. She was wearing a skirt cast on in September.

You might remember the day we had the visitor from  Amsterdam wearing her hand-knit skirt.   Ingrid had just cast on for a skirt of  her own that day. See how much was  done on September 13.  Today she was wearing the skirt.  It's not a race.   I know.  But dang, she  puts me to shame. 

Ten strips (And I worry about second sock syndrome) with garter stitch edges, crocheted together except for the last few inches at the bottom of the skirt.  There, a  diamond shape, knit in contrasting yarn, was sewn into those last few inches.  Still not creative enough, Ingrid added beads.  Beyond wonderful, Ingrid.

Mini items reigned still, this week.  Sharon had some mini socks.

Gail a mini hat
to complete the Barbie Doll ensemble  -
and Jean a mini monkey.
Cute all, ladies.

The other reigning item was the Sweaterkits  Scarfette.   Carol completed the one with a pinch
of pink, Gail the blue one.   The one on the needles also belongs to Gail

Wilma finished her Fern Kerchief and it looks great on her.
She wears those kinds of pieces well.  I think it is her height.  She also spent her week knitting bracelets.  6 rows of stockinet in two colours.  They  of course roll to create a very cute piece of little girl jewellery.

 Diana showed off her  scarfette.

It is her second.  Knit with stash yarn and Dollar store beads for a million dollar look.  Wonderful.

Carol knit herself a Whisper Cardi recently.  I guess it made a favourable impression on her 8 year old grand daughter as this one is for her.

With a beaded fringe, no less.  Lucky grand daughter.

Now isn't that a display that's hard to beat?    Amazing colours.  Amazing creativity.  Amazing fun.

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Jan said...

All the ladies are so talented. That skirt is amazing.