Friday, October 12, 2012

Nifty Shades Of Grey

My blatant copy of Laura Aylor's All The Shades Of Truth is almost complete.
 I am calling mine   Nifty Shades Of Grey (rather than the current rage - Fifty Shades...).   I am intending this as a gift for son #2, Peter.  He is no longer 18 so probably couldn't handle 50 shades anyway. 

This was an easy, fun knit.  Garter stitch, without the colour changes might have been boring.  But with the different colours to keep me interested, this one flew off the needles.

I have half of the outside edging left to do then the weaving in of ends.  After that,  this can be blocked and wrapped in Christmas paper.
One down.

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Needles said...

That turned out beautifully, Brenda.Are you telling him what you are calling it? ;)