Friday, October 26, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group, Dinner, Knit Group #2 and Knit Night

Yesterday was not our normal Thursday Knit Group.  Following our regular get together, we set  off for Owen Sound to meet up with some of the Southampton Knitters for an evening that began with dinner at the Harison Park Inn, followed by  Knit Night at Riverside Yarns.  Such fun.

 First dinner,

then knitting.  23 knitters, I counted, 
in Colleen's lovely downtown store.  There was lots of show and tell.
A square baby blanket started with Emily Ocker's circular cast on 

 A red sweater knit with Philosophers wool  - 
Socks  -  
A new knitter with her first cowl  -  
Sharon grabbed the fish hat.  Tanya - we were thinking of you -
 Gina with her lovely Zauberball shawl
This young knitter below took up   the needles for the  first time ever   in the summer of 2012.  She is facing major surgery and knew she would need a soothing, quiet activity to occupy her time during her recovery.    Already she is on to sweaters.  Well done, newbie.
The evening went swimmingly until someone -  would that be Elena???  caught me on film, purchasing yarn. 

A great knitterly time was had by all.  Thanks, Southampton for joining us.  As Gina was about to leave she came to me and said " This was a great idea, Brenda."  You should know, Gina.  You had the inspiration way back at Knit In Public Day.  So thanks.  We'll do it again.  Next time they say they want a Wool & Wine Tour.  Local yarn stores and local wineries.  Who is it again that thinks knititng is a quiet, maybe even boring activity?


Anonymous said...

ha! that was a fun time and great photo gallery, Brenda; my bad memory is outed here, i totally don't recall that from knit in public day :).


Needles said...

Wow. Wow. And wow. It sounds like the BEST day!

EL said...

Thanks Brenda for organizing a great night. We had a wonderful time & look forward to getting together with you all soon.