Monday, October 22, 2012

My Nifty Scarf

My several shades of Grey scarf that I named Nifty Shades Of Grey is finished.  I love it.  Very simple.  Very geometric.  Very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish, I think. Very Swedish too, I feel.

 PATTERN:  A blatant imitation of Laura Aylor's All The Shades of Truth.
Needles;  4.5mm
Yarn:  One 50 G ball, DK, Loyal in  black  superwash  wool.  Only a few inches of yarn left.
2- 50 G balls, King Cole, Merino Blend, DK superwash Wool - one medium grey, 
the other light   grey
One 50G ball, Elann DK,  Merino Alpaca Blend in White
One 50 G ball Sandnes Garn  D,K Perfect wool nylon blend in dark grey

Imitating Laura Aylor's All The Shades Of Truth that I spotted on ravelry, I simply cast on 40 stitches and knit the entire scarf in garter stitch.  To begin, I knit 3 panels of equal depth, using all 40 cast-on stitches and  separated each grey section with 2 ridges (4 rows) of black, garter stitch.  Once in the middle of the scarf, I  knit across fewer stitiches, allowing  the outer edges to be knit at right angles to the centre of the scarf.

 All colour changes, as well as the outside edges are bordered by  2 ridges, 4 rows of black garter.

The cast off had to be very loose so I did my own variation of Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off.  Every 10 stitches more or less, I picked up an extra stitch by inserting my needle into the purl bump below the next stitch and lifting it to the left needle, then casting it off.  That gave me approximately a 10 percent increase in the number of stitches cast off, which seems to have done the trick.

This is intended for artist son,  Peter, as a Christmas gift.  I think he might appreciate the artistic nature of the design.  However, I have learned over my many  years of knitting that it is best to preface the gift opening with this statement.

 "  If you don't like it, will never wear it, my feelings won't be hurt. I  will keep it until I come across someone who likes it."   That will be my message on Christmas morning.


freshisle said...

So nice. I'm sure he'll love it. A perfect man gift!

Anonymous said...

You know, as the good son that I am, I do read your blog....and just just ruined my surprise!!! Looks great, love the(non) colours!!!!

I´ll try and act surprised...