Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursdays Are For knit Group

I start today with  a shout-out to our  Florida-bound knitters.  We missed you Sandy and Carol but did our best to carry on knitting without you  :-)

Doreen arrived looking very chipper, don't you think?  
You sure know how to wear a hat, Doreen.

 And it is nice to see that  you finished your vest.

Wilma is knitting boot toppers for her Grand daughters. 
Dark colours please, their Mom specified.  These should hide the mud and splatters well, Wilma.

Sharon's family is expecting a new niece or nephew and she is knitting this lovely sweater for the new baby with Timothy Street superwash wool.

I like that sleeve-to-sleeve construction, Sharon.  Somewhat Elizabeth Zimmermann's Tomten-esque with  it's all-in-one-piece method.

Ruth, it is good to see that you might finally be finished that baby sweater that has been occupying your knitting time for several weeks now.   You look surprised at that yourself.

This is sleeve number one.  One more to go.

Lots of fun and laughter again today. Bet you Florida-bound knitters missed us. 

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