Monday, October 31, 2011

Knitfest 2011

Saturday was a great knitterly day in my little neck of the woods.  Grey Heron hosted a day-long workshop with Deb Gemmell.  Knitfest 2011 we called it.

The idea came about when Karen began talking of retreats, workshops and other off-site activities:  She wanted to further the art of knitting by bringing legendary talent to a local venue for our faithful customers to learn from and enjoy.  Hey - I think I just wrote a 'mission statement.

Grey Heron is  a small LYS in a small town, making some event ideas  just to grandiose to be manageable and/or successful given those   parameters.

And so - we rented the just-right-sized,  historic Ravenna Hall in the heart of the picturesque Beaver Valley, asked Deb Gemmell to teach a day-long workshop, planned food, goodie bags and door prizes - and called it Knitfest 2011. 

19 knitters signed up.  Given that Deb did this same workshop in Ottawa in the spring to 15 knitters, we were thrilled with that number of registrants.     Some,  like my Meaford friends came from close by,  others drove for over an hour to attend. 

There was food and fun.  Laughter and tears some frustration at slow hands and tired, mixed up, knitterly brains.  Frustration, though, was no match for  the fun or learning that happened all day long.

It was a great day.  Hmmm. Is it too early to start thinking about  Knitfest 2012?

 Sweaters Deb brought with her.  All from her latest book Need A Baby Cardigan?

 Morning snacks.

 Deb speaking with the Meaford gang.

 Busy knitters.

More busy knitters with Karen in the corner.

Just a great day!


Sel and Poivre said...

A sun filled room full of knitters, good food and a celebrity teacher - it can't get much better than that! congratulations on such a successful event!

Nicki said...

It was a wonderful day. The day went by so quickly. Time really does fly when we're having fun!

Needles said...

oooooo. Knitfest 2012. plan now, because it is sure to be bigger. Word spreads and knitters are always ready for fun.