Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

My time at knit group, today, started with giving Sandy B a hug.  Today was her last day with us until she is home from the south, for a quick  taste of winter, at Christmas time.  She brought us cake and goodies and served us coffee and tea.  A going away party so to speak.  I couldn't resist a last picture of her in her half- completed, perfect- for- Florida sweater. 
Have fun, Sandy.  We'll miss you. 

Joanne has her daughter visiting.  Two generations of knitters - isn't she a lucky Mom? 

And what a lot of  'show & tell' she brought for us to see.  This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Rib Warmer Vest. 
Knit in Briggs & Little Soft Spun, Karen thinks it's a little short.  And it is.  Blocking might help or as I suggested, just call it a 'shest'  or a 'vrug'.  (That's a combo of a shrug and vest for those that don't think as I do)

A terrific fit though is her 'Mothed'   - without the holes - knit in Americo wool. 
As so often happens, this is not a sweater that appealed to me when I saw it on the model in Knitty.  But now, having seen yours, Karen, it's a must -add to my queue.  Thanks for sharing.

It is  great to have Gloria back with us after her summer of poor health. I was so captured by her smile I completely forgot to  ask what was on the needles. 

Bonnie says this will be a slipper boot. 
Ruth looks quite dubious  - I can understand why.   Show me the boot, Bonnie!
Ruth, a woman after my own heart,  knits mostly for herself. Here she has a pink sweater, just started. 
The pattern is lovely.  A raglan-sleeved cardigan,  with seed stitch panels either side of the cable.  Where do you shop for yarn, Ruth,  that you can buy it to match your lipstick?

Some coming, some going,  all of us knitting.  It's a great place to be on a Thursday afternoon.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Ahhhh, 'tea in hand, having now caught up on the goings on at Knit Group I can retire to my knitting. Thanks for the update!