Tuesday, October 4, 2011

De-Cybered and De- Virtualed!

Yesterday, it occurred to me that I had not read any blogs for several days.  My normal blog haunts must have thought I had developed 'attitude'.

I hadn't read  any because google hadn't prompted me.  Dang that google.  Did it change it's 
modus operendi and not tell me!!  The nerve.  I had been de-cybered!

I use gmail for my email and it's a google app.  Once open there was, previously, always a tag called 'Reader' - and Reader stored my favourite blogs.  In easy sight and  easy clicking for easy reading.

Had google eliminated  that tag?  Because there was no  'Reader' tag on the top of my email.    Of course, leading the busy, important life that I do, I hadn't noticed.   Until I started to miss my cyber friends. (Some might say - "Get a life!"  But I like the life I've got)  What's Sandra up to?  How's  Marie's beautiful dog, Hudson?  Is Terri still juicing? What is Denise knitting? Has Lyn weakened and purchased any new clothes?   Only then did I take a look to find - there was no 'Reader' - there were no blogs.

Some computer fiddling later,   blogs were found.  Further fiddling and I have the 'Reader' tag back in place. 

Marian of Freshisle Fibers says that this year she is teaching Computer Technology to every class from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8.   Could this ancient blogger get some tutoring, Marian?


Sandra said...

Sandra's not up to that much - making a Halloween costume for the boy, slogging through the endless stockinette portion of Dahlia, after flying through the lovely lacy back, and maybe some weaving...

Sel and Poivre said...

Marie thought you might be up to your armpits in hot soapy water felting slippers!

Hudson, for his part is sulking that Marie is sitting at the computer still trying to catch up on post summer FO's!

freshisle said...

I don't think any tutoring is needed. You are amazing.