Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big And Small

The slippers are felted and on the drying rack. 
A lesson in opposites.  Think of a child's book describing opposites.  Big and small.  Long and short.  Fat and thin.  Now add my contrasting fibres.  100% wool and wool/acrylic.  What a difference!  The smaller slippers, made of 100% wool felted in 3 minutes and felted well.

The big blue slippers, knit with Sirdar Softie,  a 50/50, wool/acrylic blend, required 24 minutes in the machine and are not a great felt at all.  For slippers they will do.  But for a bag, a hat or mittens, they would be a reject. 

Lesson learned.  I thought I could make that yarn do what I wanted it to - but not so.  The off-white, Rowan Big Wool in the slippers felted quickly and well.  That means the slipper opening is very tight.   My nice, little, designer touch I thought so cute requires stretching every few hours,otherwise, I am not sure a foot will get into   the slipper. 

That 50% acrylic has made these slippers a process knit.  On to the next pair.