Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

 A week ago today, I was eating fine French food in the dining room of a charming old hotel and listening to jazz music.  But today!!!  I was at knit group.  Thursdays don't get much better.

Again, purple shoes.  And again they belong to Ingrid.  Before I met Ingrid, I knew no one  with purple shoes - and Ingrid has two pairs!!    Ingrid is off to the western provinces next week.  I bet she takes both pair of purple shoes.
 The shoes match the next purple knit she is creating.

 Carol too is working on purple.  In her case, the purple is for a grand daughter.
Part of this ensemble I mentioned a few weeks back.  Is it the colour purple that makes you look so happy, Carol?
Gail's colour, this week,  isn't purple  but blue.  In this case, blue Koigu.    She is knitting another of her little ruffled scarves that starts with a cast on of 648 stitches.
An all day project just to cast on, according to Gail.

Wilma, also leaving next week for a western trip,  is working on the first of two shawls for her two daughters.    Both kits, purchased at the KW Knitters Fair,  are from Sweaterkits .  The shawls are completed with beaded fringe,  added as a finishing, haute-couture touch. 
Gloria has a new man pattern in her life.   If you husband looks like the model on the pattern once your sweater is finished, Gloria, I'm going to borrow that pattern.

Lots of colour, lots of fibre, knitting, lots of fun.  That's why I love Thursdays.


Sel and Poivre said...

'Just back from the Art Show downtown (where I saw a certain knitter's son's fabulous work) and how nice to sit down with my tea and catch up with knit group goings on! I missed it last week!

Christy J said...

You're so lucky to have a whole knit group! Being with other knitters is so inspiring. I just got that 648 stitch pattern from someone on the knit cruise, but haven't dared it yet. My friend Anne Marie has one on the go.