Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Occasionally, on TV there is an info bite that ends with the speaker saying   HUH !   in an 'I- can't-believe-that's-true' voice.

HUH !   was my thought exactly, when yet again today, I reached  for this sweater when leaving the house.
That's right.  The sweater I thought  I'd never wear.  Neckline too low.  Yarn too chunky.  A sweater of such opposites that I couldn't imagine a day when it would be the perfect sweater to wear.  If it was cool enough for the heavy yarn, the low neckline would be too cool.  If it was warm enough for the low neckline, the chunky yarn would be too warm.  Then along came Autumn.  

The sweater  is perfect for a chilly fall day.  The kind of day  - like today - when the weather doesn't call for a coat but requires a little something.  Not only has it seen wear, but compliments have come my way each time I have worn it.  Not that I depend on the opinion of others to tell me what to think, but dang it feels good to find out I'm  wrong about a knit. 

The almost-discarded is now in my favourites pile.  HUH !


Stephanie said...

I've had that happen once. Thought I'd never wear a sweater, now I find myself reaching for it (although mostly because it's warm and I don't have enough nice sweaters). It's definitely a HUH!

Sel and Poivre said...

I know exactly those kinds of autumn days you're talking about and the thing is, I don't think sweaters are often available in the stores that fit that kind of a bill very often and so as a knitter its hard to imagine having such a piece in the wardrobe but once its there, whether by design or accident, we grab for them time and again!

Needles said...

4 thumbs up!

Sandra said...

LOVE when that happens! I was wearing a sweater like that just yesterday - one I thought I'd never wear much, and lately have been wearing a lot.