Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yet Again - Not Yet.

Waterloo remains unfinished. I had no luck in finding my copy of Knitters Almanac. Tomorrow, at work, I will buy another copy. That way, I am sure to find my original copy and then, will have two copies.

Waterloo does have a collar now. One of my re-design dilemmas was whether to do the collar first and then pick up stitches for the button bands all up the front and also up the depth of the collar OR to do the button bands and then do the collar all around the neck including the button bands.

The first method, is, of course, the more common, cardigan closure, but I did toy with the alternative. In the end, I chose the more common way. I knit the collar first and will pick up stitches from the bottom of the sweater to the top of the collar.

Once done the collar, I knit the first button band. Then, I decided to re-knit it, because the ribbing pulled in. I had picked up stitches for the band at the 'perfect' ratio of 3 stitches for every 4 rows with a 4 mm needle. But the look was not so perfect. To prevent the pulling in this time, I have two choices: A bigger needle or more stitches. I like the look of the ribbing on the 4 mm needles so tonight I will re-do the band with more stitches. That will help me put in my time until I get the Almanac with the buttonhole instructions.

Without knitting, what have I done today? This.

Paintings? Sketches? Wallpaper? No - that is a sheet hanging on the clothesline with the shadow of the Birch tress showing through. I thought it quite extraordinary. Small things ---


Sandra said...

I love sheets fresh from the line! I'm hoping the weather holds this weekend so I can get mine out.

Laurie said...

Nothing like the smell of fresh sheets from the line. We had to have a tree removed a few months ago, and our clothesline had to be taken down. I had Romeo out there a week ago putting it back up so I could air the sheets again. :-)