Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Yet

Waiting, as I'm sure you are, for photos of a finished Waterloo, I feel badly that it's not done. Almost, but not yet.

The one thing I enjoy about designing my own knits is the inclination to re-knit until I like what I see. Of course I could do the same when following a pattern, but for some reason the motivation to do so is not there.

It was the multiple re-designs and re-knits of collar and button bands that slowed down the completion of Waterloo this weekend. That and the fact that I can't find my copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters Almanac. The best buttonholes in the knitting world are the one-row buttonholes that Elizabeth explains in Knitters Almanac. Page 72 I believe. I took a quick look for the book in all the obvious places but didn't find it. That leaves Waterloo about 3 rows of ribbing short of being complete.

Today I will have to search for the book in all the not-so-obvious places. I do lend out my books often, so perhaps one of my knitter friends has it. Too bad my memory is so poor.

Stymied just rows short of completion, I turned to finishing these socks.

Good ol' Kroy sock yarn, purchased many moons ago on sale for $2.79 per ball.
68 stitches knit on 2.25 needles. Most often, when knitting socks, I use 2 x 2 ribbing for the cuff and morph it into 3 x 1 or 5 x 1 for the leg. That little bit of ribbing helps to achieve a great, leg-adhering fit. This time, I took the lazy route and knit the leg in stockinet stitch with the result that the leg is 'titch' sloppy. But I do love the bright colours. So cheerful for a winter sock.

Now back to searching for my book. Maybe this sweater is named Waterloo for a reason.


Laurie said...

LOL! Somehow I don't think Waterloo will be YOUR Waterloo...though the waiting might do the rest of us in. Love the socks!

Whenever I read about Waterloo, I spend the rest of the day with that old Stonewall Jackson song going through my head...but then, he was a good Canadian, so that's appropriate too, yes? :-)

Sel and Poivre said...

I you can't find the book email me and I'll type the instructions into a return email for you!

Heather Hufton said...

I have an Knitters Almanac if you need one. I can bring it in to the Grey Heron. Heather

LaurieM said...

Good socks. That Kroy is a work horse.