Monday, October 19, 2009

Time To Knit??

Last week was busy. Thanksgiving dinner for sixteen on Monday. Working at the LYS on Wednesday. Visitors from the 'north' and knit group on Thursday. So, was there time to knit?

Of course.

My latest project is Mondo Cable Cardi by Bonnie Marie Burns. The yarn is Vienna, (ravelry link) purchased last spring at Riverside Yarns, and intended for the February Lady Sweater. The FLS is having a strong run at the moment and caught my eye. But there was always a little niggling doubt in my mind about the 'chain mail armour' look of the circular garter stitch yoke. I decided to let the idea of the FLS percolate a bit longer before casting on and instead am using Vienna for the MCC.

So far, so good. It is another top down sweater - seems to be my sweater of choice for /09 - and I am about three fourths of the way to completing the body.

Close up of the large 'mondo cable'.

I love the colours - so very poorly captured and 'pinked' in my photos. But the colouring is actually that of a hard wood forest in autumn. Reds, brown, golds and a bit of purple.

Perfect for fall Although it could well be snowing by the time I have it done. It's the thought that counts.

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Vera said...

Wonderful colours, my favorites! That's what I miss here on the coast, we mostly have yellows and browns, no red. I used to like the fall in Ontario with a mix of those colours.