Tuesday, October 6, 2009

THe High Cost Of Fishing

Fred loves to fish. He is as passionate about fishing as I am about knitting.

Living on the shores of Georgian Bay, he has lots of opportunity to fish - in our boat on the bay or along the river that flows into the bay.

He fishes for hours each day in the fall. And in the four autumn seasons we have lived here he has brought home - No Fish! Zero. Zip. Nada.

Until today. Fish number one. Some kind of a trout, he says.

Taking into account the cost of the marina slip for the boat, all the rods, reels, tackle and time, this fish is worth untold dollars per pound.

But this proud look of satisfaction is priceless.
Afterall, it's about process, not product.


Sel and Poivre said...

Look at those dimples! (On Fred - not the fish!)

Vera said...

One of those guys lives in my house too! He loved to go salmon fishing when we had a boat. It was a sailboat but I called it a disguised fish boat.

Sandra said...

as the wife of an ardent fly fisherman, and mom of a budding enthusiast, I can relate. My husband travels the world in search of the perfect fishing spot. Next up - striped bass in the Amazon!

LaurieM said...

He could be wasting his time and money on other things and not even have a fish to show for it. For example, my husband's hobby is video games and I don't begrudge him it. Everyone needs a hobby!

Enjoy the fish and damn the price.