Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knitters Who Bake

You can gain weight just reading Terri's blog. How she remains so thin I can't imagine. She's a wonderful knitter who loves to bake.

Then there is Ysolda. The knitter, designer and pattern author who also loves to bake. She can render me green with envy and rumbling with hunger when she talks of her local markets with their abundant produce that she then turns into fabulous desserts.

Last weekend we were having two couples, both old friends from our former life in London, visit for the weekend. The first course for dinner, I had decided, would be Cabbage Rolls. My favourite recipe is this one.

Desserts were a perfect excuse to try a couple of Terri and Ysolda's recipes. Terri's Brownies
Yes - there is a missing sample.

and Ysolda's Plum Cake.

Everything was delicious and a great hit.

Thank you to knitters who bake.


Kim/Curlie Girl said...

I'll be right over with my fork!

Terri said...

ah, they look great! Thanks for calling me "thin". Your cheque is in the mail. ;-)