Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Sad

Friday, for my Toronto trip, I wore Shalom. It received many compliments. S&P liked it. Arachknit liked it. Store clerks and family members liked it.

Riding high on compliments and not one to ignore a good thing, I wore it all day Saturday too. But by the end of that second day, I thought it a bit odorous. And so, threw it into the
dirty- clothes section of my suitcase. Once home I threw it into the laundry bag.

Monday morning I was up early and at the laundry. But as I said in my Monday email to S&P, "I am tired and fuzzy."

You might ask, if I was tired and fuzzy, why was I up early. Well, Mondays in the fall, I participate in a Church group that sews hats for the homeless. I head out the door, with my sewing machine for an 8:30am start. So laundry was underway very early.

Next you might ask, if I was tired and fuzzy and had a busy day, why I didn't leave the laundry for Fred. His day was empty. Some of you might think it because Fred and the laundry have issues. But that wasn't it at all. The issues have been remedied with this sign
now taped to the dryer. Rather, it was because, I thought it not a nice thing to do after my weekend of fun and frivolity, to leave Fred with the laundry.

"My My", those that know me well are probably thinking. That's a considerable amount of caring and compassion. Hats for the homeless and no laundry for Fred. Apparently way too much compassion for my tired and fuzzy brain.

I saw Shalom in the pile. "Acrylic in here" said my tired and fuzzy brain. Into the machine. And that cold water habit of mine? For some reason!!! - tired and fuzzy, I guess - I abandoned it.

Sadly, Shalom is no more. It felted. 67%wool, 33% acrylic, Vienna yarn, warm water and it felted. Good to know if you want to make slippers. I can still get it on but I look as if I have outgrown it. The vibrancy of the colours is no more, and it is very fuzzy. Like my brain on Monday morning.
Shalom was so cool. So hip. So totally 'de jour'. And now, gone. So sad.


arachknit said...

Oh no!! It was so gorgeous. I'm glad to have had the chance to see it, and at least you wore it well and it went out in a blaze of glory, after having collected kudos all weekend. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

"Out in a blaze of glory"...what a good point of view to try to adopt on this sad, sad event. I'm also very glad to have had a chance to see it - it was cool and hip and those colours were fabulous. :(

Vera said...

There is some good and some bad in this! The bad is that your nice top is no more, the good is that you now have a legit reason to knit some more!!! Enjoy!!

Vera said...

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Double recipe Spiced Ginger Mounds

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2 eggs
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Unknown said...


Make cookies!

LaurieM said...

Oh no! After all that glory, to have it come to such a terrible end. Whhaaaaaa!!!!!

freshisle said...

I'm dying to know Fred's reaction.

Terri said...

oh noes! That's heartbreaking. I prescribe chocolate. Immediately!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, you're right - that is heartbreaking...now Fred might be posting instructions for you on the machines :)

Brenda, thanks so much for offering to pick up that yarn for me; if all goes well I should have some arrive by post tomorrow.

Gina C.