Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Thursday are for Knit Group and today we had some beautiful pieces of work to look at and some funny things too.

Beautiful like Nicki's 'Pi Are Squared' (a la Elizabeth Zimmermann) shawl.

Laid out flat so you can see the shape. Circular at the back and square at the front.
And here, being modelled so you can see the beauty of it. Nicki knit it with fingering -weight Alpaca, so the shawl weighs nothing! yet will be nice and warm. Seeing this work of art, made me keep quiet about my struggles with Loden Mist.

Sharon with the lovely baby sweater she was working on last week.

Elsie is making a special little girl a hat with pigtails. Quite the expression, Elsie.

And funny like Nicki's newest knitting tool. She is making her son a Cowichan sweater and was finding it hard to read the chart. She purchased a knitters magnifying tool, but the store was out of the boards that go with the magnifiers. Ever inventive, Nicki came up with her own cookie sheet board. A little awkward to carry around in the knitting bag, don't you think?

Only two more big sleeps until the KW Knitters Fair. Be sure to say 'Hi' if you see me.

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