Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Copyright, Schmopyright

E sent me wonderful, wonderful photos of 'Little People' 'Comfort Dolls'.

The group shot is of dolls her Mom made for her in the 1970s. The two dolls in the lower photo are dolls her Mom made recently for her boys. And apparently, her Mom has a pattern from a 1980s Family Circle magazine that refers to the dolls as 'Little People'.

Thanks ever so much for the photos, E. It is lovely knitting your Mom did. It's easy to see why some call these dolls 'Comfort Dolls'. To own one is to know that someone loves you. It's evident in the knitting. That's comfort.

And if you have no pattern, you can use mine. Here - Comfort Dolls Use it. Share it. Copy it. Give it away. Have fun with it. There is no copyright on mine. So sayeth the 'copyright queen'.

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