Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group - Normally. Today An Ad

Normally, on Thursdays, I keep you posted about the Knit Group knitters' latest projects. But today, instead of going to Knit Group, I am on my way to Montreal.

Peter, our youngest son is an artist. One of the galleries that show his work is The Shayne Gallery in Montreal. Proud parents, Fred and I, are on our way to Montreal to attend the gala opening of Peter's one-man show at The Shayne.

Here is a photo of our - and now your - invitation.
Over the years, we have been to many show openings. They are what I call '180' affairs. At one end of the spectrum are the goodies: A good opening will have little hors d' oeuvres - cheese, crackers, green grapes - and a glass of wine or Perrier. At the other end of the 180 is the stomach- churning time of waiting to see if ANYONE will show up. And if they do, will they buy a painting?

A couple of years ago, Peter had a one man show at his Toronto gallery -
The Mira Godard Gallery. He had 13 paintings in the show. 10 were sold before the show opened and the other three were sold the day of the show. A sold-out show. Let me tell you, you don't know how relieved that makes the banker parents of a full time artist.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes and good luck to Peter.

Have a good time you two.

EL said...

Have a wonderful trip!! (keep an eye out for sock machines!!)
Good luck to you son.

Take care