Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Far Is It?

How far is it from Montreal to the Port Hope exit on the 401? One child-size toque, that's how far. I knit mystery hat number three on the way to Montreal and number four coming home. They are all done. Yippee!!

Our trip to Montreal was fun. We rode down with Peter. Since he has been in Spain for the last five weeks, it was a great catch-up time.

Here he is ready to go into the opening.
And here is the artist with the proud parents, in front of one of the paintings at the show.
The opening of his show was only so-so. Two paintings sold, pre-show and two the day of the opening. Should the banker be worried? I'm told, "Not yet."

Now that the four mystery hats are done, (and will be revealed at Thanksgiving) I am ready to move on . Knitting for the "I can't possibly knit another row of cobweb-weight, lace" times.
And it will be this pattern.
The Diagonal Rib Cardigan. On my list since last year. And with this yarn purchased at the Knitters fair a couple of weeks ago.
Chunky weight yarn has never looked so inviting.


OzB said...

Wow, is the good looking guy in the photo your son B? Hmm....[laughing]. Probably happily married with a bunch of rugrats!

His artwork looks just lovely. Is he a painter or is it photography?

Congrats on the hats! And I can't wait to see you start the Diagonal Rib Cardi with the Lopi!

Brendaknits said...

That's Peter, our artist son. And he is not married - well, was but not now. The art is oil on canvas.