Monday, January 4, 2016

Where Are They Now?

2015 was a busy year in my knitting world. I was quite pleased and surprised when I did a count of the FOs for 2015.  Several sweaters, two vests and five cowls.  Pleased indeed, until I read Tanisfibrearts blog.  She knit 25 sweaters in 2015.  All the while, mothering a toddler and a baby and running a wool-dyeing business.   Way to go Tanis.

Since I often close my FOs posts by saying - 'of course, the proof is in the wearing'  I thought I'd start the new year by telling you how my 2015 FOs have fared in that department .  A  'where are they now' sort of year in review.

First up - Cowls, scarves, and other neck thingums:

 The above two items went to my friend Margaret.  They were a donation to Purple Day  - an annual,  March fund raiser for Epilepsy.   Margaret lives with her son and his family and is involved with Purple Day because her grand daughter has epilepsy.

The two cowls below were the extent of what I got finished in time for my Great Christmas Give-away.  They went to two of my nieces.   

This cutey was my first attempt at a necklace.  A few strands of I Cord tied together and  strung through some beads for closure and I had a one-of-a-kind colourful necklace to brighten up a white summer tee.

And this lovely green thing -
was an abysmal failure.  I got caught up in a yarn shopping expedition that saw several of my yarn- buying buddies scooping up balls of Opium.  A cotton/acrylic, thick and thin yarn that I though would make a nice summer wrap.  I used a free (sometimes worth what you pay for them) online pattern.  Never worn.  Sitting forlornly on the bench in my yarn room.

Vests:  I made two of them in 2015.  I love both of them and wear them  often.
 The lovely  salmon-coloured one above was one of my own design, inspired by this one I saw on a blog. Knit in Lett Lopi it is warm but light and a nice bright colour for grey winter days.

Below is the vest that I knit with Shelridge Yarns wonderfully soft, washable wool.  I love the colours and the style.  The pattern, Serendipity Vest  (available on Patternfish) drove me nuts.  The tri-coloured, slip-stitch pattern was easy to figure out and to do.  Understanding the designers description of the unique, mitered construction and shaping was near impossible

First up for 2015 was Patchwork. Started while in Florida last January and knit with double stranded Knit Picks Palette, a gift from Nicki.  I love this sweater.  Colours suit me well.  It is warm and a lovely thing to wear.

This poncho, a combo of two patterns - yarnharlot's Very Easy Poncho and Cabin Fever's Fern Scarf,  used stash yarn in a flattering-to-me, copper-coloured cotton.  Very fashionable and trendy, it saw lots of wear this summer and fall.

My version of this Vogue, sleeveless top was another success that saw lots of summer wear.

Below you see my white, summer,  A-line tee with my I Cord necklace.  The tee was a pattern purchased in Florida with very confusing lace work on the sleeves.  Thanks to Sigrun for deciphering it for me.  The yarn was a gift from a fellow knitter.  Ten balls of white cotton which she said she would never use.

This beauty was my Christmas sweater.  No ugly CS for me, this one, Snowflake by Tincanknits, received compliments whenever I wore it.  And wear it I did this season.  The fit is lovely and the sparkly brown yarn gave it just enough seasonal glitter to be tasteful but special.

Both my niece and I love our Glenoras. A quick and easy knit designed by Elizabeth McCarten.  My niece's, immediately below, was knit with the recommended Cascade Eco yarn.

Mine, I knit with stash yarn - Sable, an acrylic/wool mix.
 Since the photo, I have put three, great, wooden buttons on mine as well.  It was worn almost daily as a light  jacket through our unseasonabley long and warm 2015 autumn.

Below is My Valentine.  Knit with Patons Classic scooped up at  a 75% discount at the Listowel Tent  Sale a few summers ago, it is another Elizabeth McCarten pattern.  With our long, warm fall,   some of my sweaters - including this one - haven't seen as much wear as they would have most years by January first.  I am wearing it today, though.

The teal sweater, below, was my first pattern from the Cabin Fever Need A Circular Yoke? book.  The colours of Cascade 220 were chosen specifically to match a Scottish, pleated skirt gifted to me by a friend who had 'outgrown' it. I wore them both yesterday.  The sweater has a wonderful fit and a Mandarin neckline that draws interested comments  from everyone and 'how-did-you-do-that' queries from knitters.

That's it, I think.  Only one real dud - the green wrap - from a years worth of knitting.  Not bad.  Tomorrow -  what's up for 2016.

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The A-Line T is my favorite on you and the runner up is the Valentine