Monday, February 9, 2015

Purple Pretties

On the weekend, I put down my Patchwork sweater to work on some 'purple  pretties'.   There might seem like lots of time before the March 'Purple Day'  set aside to raise money for Epilepsy but Fred and I are off on another vacation.  Most unusual of us for sure, but Sis and her husband asked if we wanted to do a 3 week Hawaiian holiday with them.  Now who could resist that? 
We leave next week  and before I go, I want to make sure all my purple projects are ready for the big day. 

Here you see two hats.
 Both the H2O pattern from Chic Knits.  That now makes 11 of these hats that I have knit. Most of them I gave away to nieces and nephews at Christmas time. These two purple ones will be part of my purple donation.

In front of the hats,
there is the beginning of a purple,  Easy Peasy scarf.  (Use a big needle - I am using 8mm - and cast on 150 stitches.  Knit every row, changing colours every row.  Leave an 8 inch tail at the beginning of each row and  as soon as there are two strands, tie them together to form the fringe.)  Easy Peasy.

You can of course make these scarves as wide or as narrow as you like.  As Elizabeth Zimmermannn would say - "until you run out of yarn or get sick of knitting it."  With that directive in mind, I hope to use up all my purple yarn. 

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