Friday, December 12, 2014

Meet Morgan

What is this?  A plate? 
No, This is Morgan.  A 'newsboy' style hat from

Taking a chance that my blog is not high on the daily, must- read list of son #2, I am unveiling  Morgan before giving it to him  on Sunday.  Son #2,  Peter, was given a lovely, new winter coat for his November birthday by his Lady Of Spain.  It is a light, grey tweed.  Immediately, the knitter in me recognized that his current stash of  hand-knit, head gear wouldn't match his new coat. 

Over the years, I have knit Peter several 'togue' style hats.  Thinking about a new hat for his new coat, I wanted it to be more stylish than toque-like and thought a 'newsboy' hat would be great.  Most 'newsboy' style hand-knit hats though, are nothing more than a toque with a brim.  I wanted the real thing.  My ravelry search took me to and there was Morgan

The  pattern was  perfect.  Mine,  made   even more so because it finished  perfectly.  Like Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket, until close to the finish line, Morgan is a shape-less blob.  There is tons of counting,  much short-rowing and head scratching, wondering what I was accomplishing with the fiddly nature of the knit. 

And for me there were also some gauge issues.  I  did not have the pattern with me when I stopped into Riverside Yarns in Owen Sound to purchase the yarn.  But how wrong could I be with Knitting Worsted for a hat?  Well, wrong enough to require a couple of rip backs to get Morgan to be the right size.  (The pattern calls for DK weight.  Always take the pattern)

Having finished one Morgan, repeat Morgans should be easier.
 I will know where I am in the hat and what I am doing to shape that particular  portion on future Morgans.  At least I should hope so.

I appreciate the way the designer thought through the pattern to create a fit with options. It can be worn  with the back in 'up' position, as above, for warmer days.  But with back down and ears covered, as below, for those colder, windier, winter days. 

And if it is really cold, the front can be unsnapped from the plastic-lined brim to come down lower over the face.  

I love it.  I think it will fit Peter and if it either matches or enhances the new coat, I will be satisfied.


Sel and Poivre said...

Brenda that hat is fantastic! The yarn is perfect for it too isn't it?

What a great gift!

Vera said...

Love that hat! Maybe some day I'll make one! Merry Christmas, Brenda!

Needles said...

No 2 son loves this style of hat and one of these days I am going to knit one for him. What a great looking hat, Brenda!

Anonymous said...

Very cool and looks great on him! What did you use to firm up the brim?
~ Gina